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Constipation Health Care

Health (Function) Food is a kind of food that has the commonality of general foods and can regulate the function of the human body. It is suitable for consumption by specific people, but it is not for the purpose of treating diseases. "So in the promotion of products, there can be no words related to efficiency, success rate, etc. The health care function of health food is gradually being accepted by the masses in today's society.
Constipation refers to a large bowel disease syndrome caused by difficulty in discharge of stool due to abnormal function of the large intestine, and prolonged defecation time or interval between defecations. The disease is slow onset, mostly chronic disease process, mostly in middle-aged and female.
Constipation is mainly divided into two categories according to the pathogenesis: slow transmission type and outlet obstruction type.
(1) Slow transit constipation is caused by a decrease in intestinal contractile movement, a slowing of the movement of feces from the cecum to the rectum, or due to uncoordinated movement of the left colon.
(2) The obstructive constipation of the outlet is caused by the uncoordinated muscles in the abdomen, anus and rectum and the bottom of the pelvis. It is especially common in elderly patients, many of whom are ineffective by conventional medical treatment.
TAIBAI MOUNTAIN is professional customized constipation health care suppliers in China. We provide Chinese traditional herbal constipation health care at cheap price from our factory. If you want natural organic treatment with high quality, contact us now.
  • Causes And Symptom Of Constipation

    RIRITONG Constipation Plaster is effective and natural treatment with Safe and Simple, No stimulation and no side-effect, 100% natural Chinese herb.
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  • Constipation Plaster

    This product applies the TTS technique of third generation introduced from USA, Japan and other developed countries, and is specially applicable for people with constipation.
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  • Constipation Patch

    The constipation patch was launched in 2002 and is popular with customers for its good constipation treatment.
    It is suitable for water-soluble polymer external patch.
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