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Prostate Problems

Prostate Problems

The Sanjia® prostate therapy patch can be used for Prostate problems such as Frequent or Urgent need to urinate,Difficulty starting urination...

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Prostate problems are increasingly common these days. The Sanjia® prostate therapy patch which can be used for these prostate problems of frequent urination,sudden urgency to urinate, not completely empty the bladder during urination and the like.It adopts the poultice material which is  non-irritating to the skin, moisture, breathable, close comfortable and convenient.Ingredients: Chinese Traditional Mendicine such as Prunella vulgaris, Phellodendron, Earthworm, Safflower, Porcelain soap, Curcuma, cinnamon, woody, fennel, wall-breaking Locust pollen,magnolia,etc.Please contact us,more information will be provided.  

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