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Foot Muscle Back Neck Pain Relief

Foot muscle back neck pain relief is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine for external use. It is called thin plaster. It is added with vegetable oil or animal oil to form a gelatinous substance. It can be applied to the side of cloth, paper or leather and can be attached to the affected area for a long time. It is mainly used to treat sores, swelling and pain.
Instructions of foot muscle back neck pain relief
Wipe the affected area with a hot towel or ginger slices, and then apply a plaster after drying. Generally, the maximum length of a plaster should not exceed 24 hours, otherwise not only the drug has lost its effectiveness, but it is also not good for the skin.
Sticking plaster should avoid more hair, otherwise it will not stick, and the second is to bring hair to cause pain when tearing. It should not be attached to the head and face, especially near the eyes, mouth and nose.
Adapt to illness
The plaster is easy to use and has a remarkable effect. Although plastering is a trivial matter, there are quite a lot of scholarships.
Each type of plaster has its own unique pharmacological effects, so it is important to have a good indication and not to use it. For example, due to chronic cold pain caused by cold, bruises, etc., can be used as a dog skin cream, with cold hurricane and pain relief.
Because of the heat toxic stagnation caused by phlegm, the beginning of the hard knot can not be eliminated, redness and pain, pus formation or ulceration, long-term ulceration can be used, can remove the poison to eliminate swelling, to saprophytic muscle. The rubber plaster has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and has certain curative effects on rheumatic pain, low back pain, muscle pain, sprain and contusion.
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