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Haemorrhoids Piles Health Care

Hemorrhoids cream is a prescription, which is a detoxifying and swelling, breaking blood stasis and stopping bleeding. It is responsible for anal swelling, pain and other diseases. Hemorrhoids are divided into internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids and mixed hemorrhoids.
There are 4 types of internal hemorrhoids; 4 kinds of external hemorrhoids; mixed hemorrhoids have both internal and external characteristics. There are many differences in pathology, so there are many ways to treat them.
Rectal veins due to lack of venous valve and poor reflux, plus increased intra-abdominal pressure, decreased rectal vein wall elasticity or long-term fixed position and other factors are prone to rectal varices. Varicose, enlarged rectal vein formation is commonly known as the nucleus, which is called hemorrhoids in medicine.
In the case of constipation, induration of the feces directly compresses the rectal vein and excessive exertion during defecation makes the blood flow back poor, which is a common cause of acne. In the uterus that swells during pregnancy, large tumors in the pelvis, cirrhosis with ascites, bladder stones, and patients with enlarged prostate have to urinate, it will cause increased intra-abdominal pressure, so it is also a common cause of acne. Diet
Long-term drinking, strong tea, coffee and eating a lot of irritating food can make the anal canal congestion, so avoid it. The diet is too fine, not conducive to the recovery of acne, so eat more coarse grains, such as corn, sweet potatoes, etc., eat high-fiber foods, such as a variety of root vegetables, eat more vitamin-rich foods, such as a variety of fruits. Drink plenty of water to help with bowel movements.
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