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Products for Men

There are currently more than 700 million men in China. According to surveys conducted by relevant departments, 70% of adults are in sub-health status, of which men between the ages of 35 and 55 account for 60% - 75%. More than 50% of male sexual dysfunctions over the age of 40, and there is a rising trend.
When people reach middle age, they face all kinds of pressures in social life, especially high-level intellectuals and successful people. They are even more versatile, and their bodies and brains are seriously overdrawn. Chinese middle-aged men are high-risk sub-health people, and health care products for men are suitable for the needs of this large group.
Men should pay more attention to their health because of the pressure of life and work. It is very necessary to eat some health care products properly. Among the male health products, there are health care products that improve immunity, and health products that are resistant to fatigue.
Prostate patch belongs to products for men, belonging to a kind of Chinese herbal medicine, analgesic, diuretic, swelling, sterilization, anti-viral paste, spray.
It adopts the principle of subcutaneous super-osmosis unique to traditional Chinese medicine, and sticks the patch on the perineal and navel of the patient, so that the drug penetrates directly into the prostatitis lesion directly, quickly and uninterruptedly, directly softens the capsule and accelerates the gland back. Therefore, in a few days, relieve urinary frequency, urgency, urine waiting, urine drip, trouble caused by prostatitis and hyperplasia, etc., to improve the efficacy of prostatitis.
TAIBAI MOUNTAIN is professional customized products for men suppliers in China. We provide Chinese traditional herbal products for men at cheap price from our factory. If you want natural organic treatment with high quality, contact us now.
  • Prostate Enlargement Symptom

    An Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for prostate enlargement.The patch made by extraction of natural herb, is effective for the enlarged prostate by the combination of drug...
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  • Symptom Of Enlarged Prostate

    Qianlie Shutai has a good effect, effectively alleviating the symptom of enlarged prostate, and solving the symptoms of frequent urination, urgency, waiting for urine, nocturia and other symptoms...
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  • Prostatic Navel Plaster

    Therefore, prostatic navel plaster is attached to the navel, which can effectively and quickly pass the meridian effect, super concentrated molecules concentrate, quickly penetrate into the...
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  • Natural Prostate Enlargement Treatment

    the QianLieShuTai plaster can not only subside the symptoms but also shrinks the size of prostate and reduce the inflammation,facilitates proper flow of urine.Also it is the safest and most...
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  • Prostate Problems

    The Sanjia® prostate therapy patch can be used for Prostate problems such as Frequent or Urgent need to urinate,Difficulty starting urination
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  • Enlarged Prostate

    The prostate rehabilitation plaster is used for hyperplasia of prostate gland like pain or burning sensation during urination,increased frequency of urination at night and Inability to completely...
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  • Prostate Patches

    Prostate patches Product name:prostate patches Product introduction:This product is a external health care product and is suitable for external patches for male prostate discomfort. Ingredients:...
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  • Cure Prostate Paste

    Cure prostate paste Product name : prostate paste Product introduction : This product is a external health care product and is suitable for external patches for male prostate discomfort....
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