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Products for Women

Female reproductive organs are very fragile and more susceptible to infection. However, excessively "care" it will destroy its own self-healing and protection features, making it more vulnerable. Under normal circumstances, it is sufficient to wash with warm water and then wipe it with a clean towel.
It has been reported that women who use vaginal douche have a 73% higher risk of pelvic infection than women who do not have vaginal douche. The main reason is that the rinsing fluid used destroys the self-cleaning function of the vagina, causing the pathogens to take advantage of it.
Under normal circumstances, the various types of bacteria in the female private parts mutually restrict and coexist, maintaining the balance of private parts, and the female private parts present a natural weak acid environment with a physiological pH of 4.
Healthy women can choose a mild cleansing and care product to prevent disease by cleaning dirt, maintaining a weak acid environment, and nourishing the skin of the private parts.
However, many Chinese women are in a sub-health state with mild itching but not really a disease. This is caused by a decrease in autoimmune power due to problems such as work stress, irregular work schedules, and lack of exercise.
Breast hyperplasia is also a kind of products for women. On the basis of the traditional method, it uses the targeted drug-permeable target treatment technology to implement a three-way treatment method for targeted drug penetration, hypertonic adsorption and blood circulation in the affected area of the breast.
It makes the tissue water and blood stasis outside the lesion, clears the breast duct, accelerates lymphatic circulation and body fluid circulation, reduces local leukocyte infiltration, enhances the phagocytic function of reticuloendothelial cells, reduces blood neutrophil count, inhibits lesion tissue, and promotes the swelling subsides, inhibits the development of inflammation, and rebuilds the breast health system.
We're well-known as one of the leading Chinese traditional products for women suppliers in China for our high quality organic herbal products and competitive price. Please feel free to buy bulk customized natural treatment products for women from our factory.
  • Alternative Medicine for Dysmenorrhea

    Peach cinnamon sugar drink (oral administration of dysmenorrhea) is alternative medicine for dysmenorrhea.
    This product is made from natural plants and is a solid powder beverage that...
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  • Extract Powder for Irregular Menstruation

    The skeletal granule drink belongs to the extract powder for irregular menstruation and has many functions.
    It is mainly used to treat female infertility caused by qi deficiency and kidney...
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  • Feminine Hygiene Vulvar Vaginal Cleaning

    Herbal Extract Antibacterial Lotion for Vaginal Wash is used for feminine hygiene vulvar vaginal cleaning. It is rinsed with a special chemical.
    It is injected into the vagina through the...
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  • Breast Hyperplasia Plaster

    Breast hyperplasia plaster is a female external health supplement for breast hyperplasia, breast lumps, and pain caused by discomfort.
    After the plaster is applied, it can reduce...
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  • Breast Hyperplasia Patch

    The breast hyperplasia patch is a topical health supplement for women with breast hyperplasia, breast lumps and discomfort.
    Breast hyperplasia patch Ingredients: Sagittaria, Vaccaria,...
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  • Breast Pain Breast Lump Plaster

    Individual breast pain breast lump plaster is usually not a sign of breast cancer, more likely a benign (non-cancer) breast condition.
    But the mammary gland is the surface organ, so...
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  • Menstruation Pain Relief

    Fast & Safety -The patch delivers medication over a 24-hour period, stopping contractions of the uterus. 100% Natural & Effective - Adopt the Chinese herbal medical ingredient, safety and...
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  • Menstrual Cramp Relief

    AUV Dysmenorrhoea Patch This product is an external health care product for women with dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Ingredients: Puhuang, Clove, Cinnamon, Angelica, Cyperus rotundus,...
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  • Menstrual Symptom Relief

    AUV Dysmenorrhoea Plaster This product is a external health care product for women with dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. Ingredients: Puhuang, Clove, Cinnamon, Angelica, Cyperus rotundus,...
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  • Menstrual Patch

    Menstrual patch Product name : menstrual patch Product introduction: This product is a external health care product for women with dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation. I ngredients: Puhuang,...
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  • Severe Dysmenorrhoea Patch

    Severe dysmenorrhoea Patch Product name: AUV Lady Care Patch For Dysmenorrhea Product introduction: this product can effectively reduce pain nerve excitement, make local vessel expansion, promote...
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  • Vaginal Cleaning Foam

    Vaginal cleaning foam The patented “post-expanding foam” formulation is used to provide long-lasting foam. The active ingredients of the drug can be widely distributed in the vagina and cervix to...
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