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How To Stop Period Pain Forever

Chinese TCM external treatment for menstrual pain No stimulation, soft and easy to use Non-contaminated clothing can be repeated 100% of Chinese herbal medicines of origin...

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Chinese TCM external treatment for menstrual pain

     No stimulation, soft and easy to use

     Non-contaminated clothing can be repeated

     100% of Chinese herbal medicines of origin

     Can promote blood circulation and stimulate microcirculation

     No side effects, protect liver and kidney.

    1.8g / sticker Price $ 1.2 /sticker (FOB)

1、 Applicable scope of dysmenorrhea stickers:

  • Female friends with menstrual pain

  • waist and knee discomfort before and after menstruation;

  • Patients with less menstrual blood and darker menstrual periods during menstruation.

2、 how it works?

This product is based on the principle of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, using TCM extracts that are used to relieve pain, promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis,  warm and dispell cold also combine with far-infrared materials.


  • Rapid Effect : The far-infrared material can improve microcirculation and activate cells.combine with TCM extract can relieve pain effectively. The fertility ray also can promote transdermal delivery of the drug.

  • Easy to use: Get it at any time, gently apply it to relieve pain

  • No side effects: 100% natural Chinese herb extract. soft and breathable.

4 、The composition of dysmenorrhea

   Cassia Bark(Rougui), Clove(Dingxiang), Cattail Pollen(Puhuang), Chinese Angelica(Danggui), Blue Turmeric(Eshu), and Chinese Rose Flower(Yuejihua) and far-infrared materials.




5、 how to use the dysmenorrhea stickers?

external use. When dysmenorrhea, take this product to tear off the release film, paste it on the lower abdomen. . Severe cases can be applied to the back at the same time. It is recommended to be 12-24 hours every time. The three menstrual cycles are one phase.

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6、What is dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea accompanied by regular menstrual cycle, with abdominal pain as the main symptom. it can be divided into two types: primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea:

Primary dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea without genital lesions in the reproductive organs; primary dysmenorrhea is more common among  girls.

Secondary dysmenorrhea refers to dysmenorrhea caused by pelvic organic diseases such as endometriosis and adenomyosis. 

7、 The dysmenorrhea population

With the improvement of living standards and lifestyle changes, the incidence of dysmenorrhea is increasing year by year. According tostatistics, about 65% of the 13-25 year old female population suffer from different degrees of dysmenorrhea. Although the incidence of dysmenorrhea in women after birth is decreased, dysmenorrhea may still occur in the long-term or stage.

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