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Slimming Tea

Slimming Tea

Yaowang Tea is a kind of natural plant Slimming tea, when use externally can relieve swelling and pain.and when ingested it can invigorated the body and spirit....

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Chinese tradition medicine science think people suffer from diseases because their body systems become unbalanced. As long as all the body systems stay in dynamic balance, people will not get ill.Yaowang Tea was discovered by the Chinese Medicine Master Mr. Sunsimiao who lived in the Tang Dynasty.Sunsimiao was not only conferment of "Chinese Medicine Master" by the Emperor, but also "Chinese Originator of health". He had a long life of 141 years old.Yaowang Tea was the only health care product during Sun simiao's whole life. The raw material grow in the Taibai mountain area at an attitude of 3000 meters high, it is a kind of high mountain, wild, rare, organic and safe food grade is not only has a health effect, but also has a certain anti-oxidation, beauty effect.After testing by the “Food Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center of the Ministry of Agriculture”.Yaowang Tea is rich in various nutrients.The total flavonoids content is as high as 20% (milligrams per gram), which is the highest flavonoid content in food plants so far. It is called "king of flavone".it is also rich in many trace elements that humans need.Please contact us,more information will be provided

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