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ShanZhuYu is a warm temperate positive tree species and its optimum temperature for growth is 20-30°C, but it is poor when it exceeds 35°C. Strong cold resistance.It can withstand short-term low temperature of -18°C, good growth, and hawthorn is more shade-tolerant but also enjoys plenty of light. Usually it grows well in the lower part of the slope, on the slope, on the sunny side, on the valley and on both sides of the river. Generally distributed in the area of 400-1800 meters above sea level, of which 600-1300 meters is more appropriate. Hawthorn should be planted in well-drained, organic-rich, fertile sandy loam soil. The clay should be mixed with the right amount of sand to increase drainage and breathability.

SHANZHUYU.jpg   Antioxidant.

   Adjust the function of hypothalamus.

   Diuretic and hypotensive.

   To promote the action of antibacterial, antifungal and anticancer.

   Tonifying the liver and kidney, controlling seminal emission and reducing      urination.

   Controlling menstruation and arresting bleeding.

   Arresting sweating and preventing collapse.

   Invigorating the liver and kidney.

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