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China Herbal Medicine Tea

Yaowang Tea is one of the Herbal Medicine plants.It can not just be eaten but also used as medicine.It can recuperate these sub-health issues like insomnia, irregular bowel movements, irritability....

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The Yaowang Tea can solve this sub-health problems including,

A light flavour,warm in nature,it can clear away excess heat and toxins from the body, lower blood pressure and cholesterol ,protect the liver and strengthen tendons and bones.

Recuperate these sub-health issues like insomnia, irregular bowel movements, irritability caused by the Qi flow in your liver system has become stagnant.

Used to lower cholesterol, high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Beneficial for the irregular menstruation, regulate hormone.

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In the ancient orient, many of the ingredients that are used for making medicine come from plants. After processing,the roots, stems,leaves,flowers or fruits of various plants can release medical properties. Yaowang Tea is one of the Herbal Medicine plants.It can not just be eaten but also used as medicine. 

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Yaowang Tea is the leaf and flower of a plant named Potentilla arbuscula grows in a region of 2500-3500 above sea level in Taibai Mountain, the main peak of Qinling Mountain ranges, Shaanxi province.It is said 2000 years ago, there was a great doctor in Chinese history, his name is Sun Simiao,  He used to pick and taste hundreds of herbs to learn their property and flavor in Taibai Mountain altitude around 3000 meters. One day, he felt so thirsty ,he rested on a rock for a while and looked around, suddenly saw a green shrub with dense leaves. Curiously, he picked some leaves to taste, then felt surprisingly refreshed. Then he boiled these leaves and drank this herb tea, even felt more refreshing and tranquil than ever before. He picked it back to study and recommended this tea to his patients, then many of their diseases were cured.Mr. Sun drank this tea for the rest of his life to keep a good health. He lived to the ripe old age of 141 years. To commemorate the great achievement of Mr. Sun Simiao, the later generations named this shrub plant as "Yaowang tea", and meanwhile Mr. Sun was honored as "the master of herbal medicine".

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Yaowang Tea contains flavone, amino acids and different trace elements such as Zn. Mn. Se. Fe.Mg. Etc.

These substance are anti-inflammatory,anti-aging,also can strengthen blood vessels and improve immunity.It has been identified as"the Famous Product of Shaanxi province", also obtained "National Organic Food Certification" and "National Ecological Origin Certification".

We can provide fresh tea and dry tea with different specifications.if you are interested please contact us.

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