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Hemorrhoids Cream -Ointment

ZiHongYu ointment is a natural and effective treatment for the external hemorrhoid and internal hemorrhoid....

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    Function of ZiHongYu Ointment:          

    reduce and sometimes alleviate itching and pain.

    Invigorates blood, stops bleeding,disperses swelling clearing pus, engenders skin.

The natural Chinese medical treatment - ZiHongYu Oitment is made of 100% natural herbs. Such as:

Longleaf Garden Burnet Root -Cools blood, stops bleeding, relieves toxin, astringes sore, eliminates heat of lower-jiao.

Lightyellow Sophra Root- Breaks blood, eliminates stasis, disperses swelling, stops pain.

Dragon's Blood- Invigorates blood, disperses stasis, relieves pain, stops bleeding, engenders skin.

Redroot Gromwell-Cools blood, invigorates blood, resolved toxin.

Taiwan Angelica Root-Removing rheumatism, activate blood, clearing pus, engendering skin, relieving pain.

if you are suffering from the hemorrhoids, please contact us immediatelly.

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What is  Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are clumps of blood vessels in the anus and lower rectum that help control bowel movement. Most people think Hemorrhoids are abnormal, but the truth is everyone has them.

People often known about  Hemorrhoids when they enlarged and problematic.

Hemorrhoids also called piles, have caused million of people pain and irritation. It has two general categories- internal and external.

Who is the risk?

People who stand or sit for long periods of time.  hemorrhoid-onitments-ZIHONGYU-external .jpgPregnant womenhemorrhoids.jpg

Obesity- lifting heavy weights

Chronic constipation

A family history of hemorrhoids

Symptoms of hemorrhoids?



Blooding when have a bowl movement

Discomfort on the anal area.

If you suffer from hemorrhoids, then ZiHongYu ointment may be exactly what you have been looking for. Many users safely use ZiHongYu ointment long-term as a preventative measure. Cantact us.

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