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Health Products
Apr 19, 2018

1. What are the advantages of our dysmenorrhea Products?

More than 90% of women's dysmenorrhea is caused by "insufficiency of blood and cold stagnation . Chinese medicine treatment of dysmenorrhea mostly starts with the solution of cause. It is not only safer but also more thorough than Western medicine. Fu Mei Kang (external paste + oral) is a pure Chinese medicine preparation. When the menstrual pain is painful, "Fu Mei Kang" can quickly relieve pain and regulate blood circulation. After the menstrual period, oral granules can "nourish qi and nourish blood, "Relieving qi and strengthening the body" to solve the cause of dysmenorrhea. Most women in clinical practice can completely relieve dysmenorrhea troubles in about three months.


2. What are the advantages of our breast hyperplasia products?

Female breast hyperplasia is caused by imbalance of endocrine hormone levels, which causes thickening of the glandular tissue of the breast or the formation of a lump that often causes pain or breast fullness. This causes great pain to work and study.

Breast hyperplasia products, the use of pure Chinese medicine preparations.It is starts from the "separated liver Qi, blood circulation"It can conditioning endocrine (temporaries), and swelling and pain (curative).

The external patch used is a new type of "clothing agent", which is non-allergic and non-irritating. The oral granules are processed by the "drug and food dual-purpose" plant. They are safe, have no side effects, and have a combination of two functions. They can quickly and completely eliminate women. The pain of breast hyperplasia.


3. What are the advantages ofour prostate products?

Chronic prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia are common diseases in men. Due to the particularity of the physiological structure of the prostate, it is often unrecoverable during clinical treatment. This is due to the fact that there are few blood vessels on the prostate gland and it is difficult for the drug ingredients to enter, and it is difficult to exclude metabolic and pathological products. Therefore, it is necessary to persist for some time during treatment.

Oral hormone inhibitors (hyperplasia) or anti-inflammatory drugs (inflammation) are often used as conventional treatment methods. But they are often not only poorly effective but also cause problems such as sexual dysfunction or liver and kidney damage.

Qianlieshutai patch is a pure Chinese medicine preparation, transdermal absorption, the drug has no hepatic first-pass effect, a thorough effect and no side effects occur; with the internal granules. It is processed with the “drug and food dual-purpose” plant and promote blood circulation.long-term consumption of the human body without side effects. Oral + external use, dual-effect one, can effectively solve the problem of chronic prostatitis and hyperplasia, and safety without side effects.

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