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Yaowang Tea
Apr 19, 2018

1. YaoWang Tea, is tea or medicine?

YaoWang Tea is kind of a herbal tea. It has the amazing health effects.  Compared with the medicine,YaoWang Tea can make you leisure, spiritual your cultivation and it is more convenient to insistent on it.Compared with the normal tea, YaoWang Tea can regulate body function, prevent diseases, cure diseases and prolong life.


2. What is different between YaoWang Tea and normal tea?

Although they are all kinds of tea, but they did have some differences.

1) Different growth environment

YaoWang Tea grows in the high mountain area at the altitude 2000-3600 meters, all grow up in the wild area. And the normal tea grows in plain, hilly area, altitude 400-1000 meters, mostly artificial cultivation.

2) Different substances

YaoWang Tea contains a large number of plant flavonoids, trace elements and volatile oil which are beneficial to human health. It contains almost no caffeine that stimulates the excitement of the human nerve. The content of flavonoids is highly as more than 20%, but the normal tea is only 2 - 5%.

3) Different drinking functions

At first, YaoWang Tea was used as normal tea. But is used more as officinal when we find the Medicinal value while drinking. Today, YaoWang Tea has become one of the most important drug alternatives for people to treat chronic diseases. And as one of the Chinese herbal medicine in the Taibai Mountains, YaoWang Tea has been drinking as a valuable health tea for a long time by local people.


3. What is the main ingredient of YaoWang Tea?

Yaowang Tea contains flavonoids, tannins, volatile oil, organic acids, amino acids, saponins, phenols, and more than ten kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to human body.

The content of total flavonoids is reach 20% (mg/g), which is the highest flavonoid content of edible plants so far. It can be called "the king of flavonoids".Cr, Fe, Zn, Mn, Se, Ni, Mg and Cu are high in trace elements. And the proportion of trace elements is very reasonable. Synergistic effects of various components can produce very specific medicinal effects and antioxidant effects.


4. What are the main effects from Yaowang tea?

The tea is neutral in nature and sweet. You can clear heat, brain heart, stomach, dampness, eyesight, menstruation. Is now used for hypertension, high blood lipids, high blood sugar, insomnia, upset and softening blood vessels, and it can be used as long-term tea. These functions includes the gastrointestinal system, the immune system, the endocrine system, the cardiovascular system of the heart and the brain, the nervous system, and so on, which are almost all of the functions of the human body.


5. Which groups of people are suitable to drink Yaowang Tea?

1) The person is not healthy at cardiovascular system (hypertension, high blood fat, high blood and blood vessel brittleness etc.);

2) Nervous system is not good(neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, upset).

3) People is not good at digestive system (stomach disease, chronic colitis, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, fatty liver, alcohol liver)

4) Women's menstruation, amount of menstrual blood is less and irregular sallow complexion with poor look;

5) Diabetes mellitus population

6) Obese people

7) Subhealthy population

8) The one who want to pursuit of the longevity


6. Can YaoWang Tea be drinking in the evening? Can it use for taking medicine?

Unlike common tea, Yaowang Tea doesn't contain caffeine and other ingredients that cause nerve excitement, so you will not be insomnia. On the contrary, YaoWang tea can promote the effect of sleep through endocrine conditioning.Mean while, because Yaowang tea has no diuretic and excitatory ingredients, it can be served as a drink when taking medicine.


7. Can I loose weight by drinking Yaowang tea®? What is difference between Yaowang tea and other slimming products?

Yes. Obesity is cause by over intake and less consumption, or endocrine system disorder. Yaowang Tea will help to regulate digestion, internal secretion and reduce lipid and finally help people to loose weight. This will be reached without controlling your eating habit. And the weight loosing is excess lipid and metabolic waste from organs and blood vessel. The effect will not be seen in a short time but will last contentiously and is more stable without rebound. This will regulate your body systems while loosing weight.

Most weight loosing products on the market will increase bowel movement, laxness or get on a diet to make our body dehydrated substantially. The weight is reduced but the fat is still there. Your weight is reduced very fast but will be regained faster. The medical research shows long term having laxative slimming piles will lead to cancer in intestinal inner wall. This will have substantial side effect and drug dependence.


8. Any notice about Yaowang tea® storage and drinking method?

Please pay attention the following:

(1) Keep sealed in ordinary temperature, pay attention to rain and sunshine, better in cold storage. Mind not to be squeezed to keep a good appearance.

(2) Take less between 0.5—1.5g for daily health care, and 1.5—3g for curing demand.

(3) A few people will have slight constipate or lax at the beginning and will come back to normal in 2 to 3 days.

(4) Yaowang tea® can be brewed for a long time. You can discard it when the tea color become slight or colorless to make sure the active ingredients are not wasted.   

(5) muddy tea color is mostly caused by low quality water. It is recommended to change to better water.  

(6) The color of tea will become dark if not being drunk for a long time(causeed by rich antioxidant element) or some grease appear in the tea (volatile). These are all normal circumstances.

9. Is there any tips for drinking Yaowang tea®? Which kind of tea set is better?

If brewing up in a proper way, Yaowang tea® is clear yellow, smells fresh and tastes a little sweet.

Yaowang tea® grows in wild with small leaves, which are easy to be smashed, and please also pay attention to the water quality and temperature.  

Water temperature: hot water is recommended, boiled water is better (water from water dispenser is not hot enough).

Water quality: it is better to use mineral water or good tap water instead of purified water (the tea color shows up slowly).

Brewing up method:

① Tea pot: put some tea in a tea cup, clean the tea with some boiled water and pour out soon; pour in water along the cup side slowly to full in one third of the cup, and top up after 2 to 3 minutes(the leaves will absorb water,become heavier and sink). fill in water again when the tea reaches to the half cup, repeat until the color become light even colorless.   

② Tea set with filter: it is a better way. Tea sets with filter (porcelain pot, glass pot and purple sand pot ) can all be applied.Observe the tea color. It changes very soon at the beginning (3-5 seconds). Brewing time can be lengthened afterwards.

③ Boiling in water: boil the tea in tea pot or teakettle. This can effectively separate active ingredients out and also lengthen the brewing time.

We recommend to use tea pot for loose tea and any tea set for tea bag and pyramid tea bag.


10. Can YaoWang Tea be drunk for a long time?

Of course, it can be drunk for a long time. Yaowang tea is an organic food. It is rich in flavonoid, volatile oil and a dozen kinds of trace elements that are beneficial to the human body. These trace elements are surprisingly reasonable. Chinese traditional medicine master Mr Sun called it “The magic method of keeping health”. It not only shows that Yaowang Tea can drink for a long turn, but also shows that it can comprehensively regulate body function, improve immunity, regulate sub-health, remove diseases and prevent diseases, and prolong life.

11.Mountain Taibai

Mountain Taibai is located in Shaanxi Baoji Meixian County, Taibai County, the broad sense of the Taibai Mountain in Xi'an Zhou to the county part. It is the main peak of the Qinling Mountains, but also the first peak east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Taibai Mountain is the Yangtze River and the Yellow River watershed two watershed. Taibai Mountain beautiful scenery, is a tourist destination and Taoist activities. Since ancient times, Taibai Mountain on the high, cold, dangerous, odd, rich, mysterious characteristics of the world. 


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