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Flavonoids-What Are These?
Aug 28, 2018

Flavonoids are one of the largest nutrient families known to scientists, and include over 6,000 already-identified family members. This nutrient group is most famous for its health benefits such as,Longevity,Weight management,Cardiovascular disease,Diabetes,Cancer prevention, Neurodegenerative disease prevention.

Yaowang Tea is not only a tea but also a medicine."The research of total Flavonoids in Yao wang tea" of Shaanxi Journal of Agricultural Sciences shows that the total flavonoids can be used as one of the quality control of Yao Wang tea, Yao Wang tea five batches of Flavonoids in tea are measured data in more than 20%, The manufactures tea flavonoid content more than the raw materials, which is tea with heat, stomach, menstruation effect provides the material basis , also shows that Yao Wang tea has a very high development and research value. This determination of Total Flavonoids in  Yao Wang tea based on the current pharmacopoeia, true and reliable results reflect the objective reality. It you want to buy Yaowang Tea please contact us.

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