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Mountain TaiBai -The Main Peak Of Qinling Range
Aug 23, 2018

Mount Taibai is a mountain located on the border between Mei, Taibai and Zhouzhi counties in the south west of Shaanxi Province, China. The mount's highest point, Baxian Tower rises to a height of 3,750 m (12,300 ft) and is the tallest in the Qinling Range, as well as the watershed between the Han River and Wei River. Mount Taibai is also the highest mountain in Eastern China.

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Flora from both the sub-tropical and warm temperate climates inhabit areas of Taibai. Due to the mountain's rapid rises in elevation, plants from the middle temperate climate and alpine climates are also found in the same areas. Within the Nature Preserve's borders more than 1,700 different types of seed-bearing plants are found, comprising approximately 60% of the flora in the Qinling Range. Among the flora are found many Chinese Medical Herb such as Common Macrocarpium Fruit,Baikal Skullcap Root and others. About 40 types of animals inhabit the area, as well as 230 species of birds and several species of amphibians. Mount Taibai has warm temperate, temperate, cool temperate, and alpine climate.

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Yaowang Tea is a wild plant that only grew in specific locations with the right conditions of 2500-3000 above sea level in Mountain Taibai. Yaowang Tea contains flavone, amino acids and different trace elements such as Zn. Mn. Se. Fe.Mg. Etc. These substance are anti-inflammatory,anti-aging,also can strengthen blood vessels and improve immunity. It is not only a tea but also a medicine.Please contact us more information will be provided.

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