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Shaanxi Taibai Mountain Natural Plant Development Co.,Ltd



Yaowangtea Culture Industiral Park, North road of Taibai County, Shaanxi, China

Marketing Center:

20th floor, Block B, TangFeng building, FengHui South Road, High Tec Zone, Shaanxi, China



Welcome The Director And Other Officers Of Baoji Custom To Our Park.
Aug 17, 2018

On August 17, the director and other officers of Baoji Custom visit our Qinling Yaowang Tea culture Industrial Park. They focused on understanding our health tea - Yaowang Tea and gave guidance to our foreign trade work.

 Yaowang Tea is a natural, organic, medicine herb which grows at 2500-3000 meters above 2500-3000 sea level in Taibai Mountain.It can not only be eaten but also be medicine. It can lower the hypersention, blood sugar, blood fat and treat insomnia and  constipation etc. Please contact us more information will be provided.

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      YaoWang Tea.jpg  chinese herbS.jpg  health tea.jpg

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