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Why Does Choose ZiHongYu Ointment About Hemorrhoids Treatment?
Sep 11, 2018

Generally speaking, the hemorrhoids treatments are medicines and surgery. However,most people choose the medicine treatment when they suffer from the hemorrhoid. Now we advice a new treatment-  ZiHongYu Ointment.

But Why does choose it?

Simple and effective - apply ZiHongYu Ointment a thin layer twice daily to affected areas and it can reduce and alleviate the symptoms of the hemorrhoids effectively.

Natural and safe - it is made of the Chinese medicine herb , is gentle on your body and digestive systems.

If you happen to have hemorrhoids, please contact us. 

     external hemorrhoids.jpg  hemorrhoid-onitments-cream-internal.jpg   hemorrhoid-onitments-ZIHONGYU-external .jpg

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