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Yaowang Tea And Mr. Sun Simiao
Jul 12, 2018

 2000 years ago, there was a great doctor in Chinese history,relax tea.jpghis name is Sun Simiao, memorized by the after generations as the MASTER of Herbal Medicine.  He used to pick and taste hundreds of herbs to learn their property and flavor. One day, he felt so thirsty when he was studing herbs in Taibai Mountain altitude around 3000 meters. He rested on a rock for a while and looked around, suddenly saw a green shrub with dense leaves. Curiously, he picked some leaves to taste, then felt surprisingly refreshed. he boiled these leaves in a pot with firewood and then drank this herb tea, even felt more refreshing and tranquil than ever before. He picked this herb back to study and recommended this tea to his patients, then many of their diseases were cured.

Mr. Sun drank this tea for the rest of his life to keep a good health. He lived to the ripe old age of 141 years. To commemorate the great achievement of Mr. Sun Simiao, the later generations named this shrub plant as ”Yaowang tea", and meanwhile Mr. Sun was honored as "the master of herbal medicine".Please contact us,more information will be provided.  

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