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  • Prostate Enlargement Symptom

    An Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment for prostate enlargement.The patch made by extraction of natural herb, is effective for the enlarged prostate by the combination of drug...
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  • Breast Pain Breast Lump Plaster

    Individual breast pain breast lump plaster is usually not a sign of breast cancer, more likely a benign (non-cancer) breast condition.
    But the mammary gland is the surface organ, so...
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  • Haemorrhoid Gel

    Haemorrhoid gel is used to relieve symptoms of internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids, mixed hemorrhoids, anal abscess causing anal bulge, mucosal rewriting, and blood in the stool.
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  • Vaginal Gel

    Vaginal gel is a topical health supplement for topical preparations for various genital discomforts in women.
    The vaginal gel ingredients are Cnidium, Sophora flavescens, Siberian Crane,...
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  • Scutellaria Baicalensis Georgi

    Scutellaria baicalensis georgi, alias Camellia root, earthen tea root. It is a scutellaria plant of the Labiatae family, which is rooted in medicine.
    It has heat and dampness, cool blood and...
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  • Alternative Medicine for Dysmenorrhea

    Peach cinnamon sugar drink (oral administration of dysmenorrhea) is alternative medicine for dysmenorrhea.
    This product is made from natural plants and is a solid powder beverage that...
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  • Extract Powder for Irregular Menstruation

    The skeletal granule drink belongs to the extract powder for irregular menstruation and has many functions.
    It is mainly used to treat female infertility caused by qi deficiency and kidney...
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  • Relax Tea

    Relax tea refers to the drug king tea, which is wild in the alpine meadow area of about 3,000 meters above sea level in Taibai Mountain of Qinling Mountain.
    The wild and organic...
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  • Prostatic Navel Plaster

    Therefore, prostatic navel plaster is attached to the navel, which can effectively and quickly pass the meridian effect, super concentrated molecules concentrate, quickly penetrate into the...
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  • Feminine Hygiene Vulvar Vaginal Cleaning

    Herbal Extract Antibacterial Lotion for Vaginal Wash is used for feminine hygiene vulvar vaginal cleaning. It is rinsed with a special chemical.
    It is injected into the vagina through the...
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  • Constipation Patch

    The constipation patch was launched in 2002 and is popular with customers for its good constipation treatment.
    It is suitable for water-soluble polymer external patch.
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  • Breast Hyperplasia Plaster

    Breast hyperplasia plaster is a female external health supplement for breast hyperplasia, breast lumps, and pain caused by discomfort.
    After the plaster is applied, it can reduce...
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